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spring in paris ... during the first 2 months of French covid-19 lockdown, winter turned into spring and our neighbourhood erupted into a stunning palette of colour ... there was no traffic, only the sound of birds and the colour of nature to enthrall our senses as we took our daily walks ... which provided inspiration for the new collection available


If you don't have time to browse, and know the colour you are looking for, find it here

Previous Festivals...

Singapore Heart Mind Body Festival  :  Singapore Dempsey Hill OFC Social

Market  :  Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival  :  Singapore Sentosa Fairs  :  Pop-Ups


My favourite feedback so far ...

A message from a frequent customer, who purchases his wife a bracelet set every birthday and Christmas writes "my wife still loves them, and wears them every day. I think that they are her favourite jewelry ever

(she has 15 sets so far!  customer since 2016)

goddess inspired charm bracelet sets

Made with ...

925 Sterling Silver, Swarovski elements, natural crystals and stones, freshwater pearls

handcrafted by me with love & joy

Spice up your life with a little gr! Love Jane xxx

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