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The jewellery is designed and handcrafted at home, the sterling silver and crystal stones are mostly sourced from Thailand, the gift bags from Bali.  My business was inspired and initiated by a desire to visit the sacred sites of the world, in honour of the goddess within and all about us.  


Ladies of the world, we rock!  goddess rocks!

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I love color

I love crystals

I love silver

I love nature

I love music


... and I love all things goddessy -  free spirit, boho, mythology, mystiscim, empowerment, symbology, ancient wisdom, bling, beauty and girl power!


combining my training at School of Colour & Design, Reiki Master, gemology, Human Resource management, along with the love of creativity - goddess rocks! came into being


I am passionate about human rights, the environment, multiculturalism, peace and the animal kingdom.  That we can all get on together, honoring each other and our earth


as I create, I hear an inner whisper  " activate  the goddess within ", like a mantra. I feel this is important for all girls and women globally


I am a mother of two beautiful children, daily multitasking school activities, parenthood, family life and a home business. We have lived in Sydney, Singapore, Paris and love being global citizens


like my Facebook page to stay updated on all things goddessy, new product releases, and to find out where I'll be exhibiting next


goddess & sister hugs to you

love jane xxx

An interesting fact...

Since I started making the bracelets in 2015 until we moved to France in 2018, I had sold 403 sets (each set has 6 individual bracelets) of Goddess Rocks! bracelets, which is a total of 2,418 individual bracelets!!!!  For a small hobby business, this is many hours of creating and beading in the background. 



Annually, I will donate 5% of profits to an organization, in support of humanity and the environment.  For 2017, the organization is The Waterbearers - who bring safe drinking water to the 660 Million people without, via easy to use water filters.  One water filter gets clean water to 100 people for 10 years!!!

Immense gratitude to all who contributed towards the fundraising campaign for The Waterbearers in March 2017. We raised USD$886!!!!  This will aid the purchase and distribution of 17 water filters, which aids 1,700 people clean drinking water for the next 10 years in water deprived areas globally. Fantastic!!!!

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