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Natural crystals and stones ...

Since I was young, I had a fascination for crystals and stones.  I remember when I was less than 10 years old (back in the late 70's!), I received a gift, which was a card with stones stuck to them.  I used to rub them with my fingers, loving their texture and colours.  They still make these cards, they sell them in bookstores.  Great gifts for kids!

As I grew up, I used to joke with my cousin.  We had collected so many pretty crystals and stones over the years ... but they still felt like 'rocks' in our hands.  But we bought them anyway, as the description of their healing abilities gave us hope that they may work somehow.

It was after I took my first Reiki course in 2011, that I started 'feeling' the energy from crystals.  Some would feel electric buzzy in my hand, others would pulse, some felt like little bugs in my palm trying to crawl away, others I can taste the metallic flavours (I cannot hold bismuth for too long, and its my daughter's favourite crystal).  I had an amazing chakra opening by holding an apophyllite at a crystal store (felt like a delicious explosion in my chest).  And I had a 2.3 million year old trilobite once poke me!  And yes, he got my attention and I brought him home. 

Mostly, with each crystal that I hold - and they have all different properties - I can "feel" the sensations happening inside of me.  Such as, I can feel warmth surrounding my heart, or my crown chakra open, or my pineal activate.  I have a friend who gives me crystals to feel and give her my feedback.  I don't ask for the name or property of the crystal.  And as I feel all the sensations flowing through my body, I report it back to her - and bingo, its usually the property of the crystal.

My love of crystals and colour is what brings this collection together.  When I Reiki the bracelets, not only does the crystal receive a cleanse - but I also bless and invoke the crystals to work at their highest potential for their new foster-goddess and they feel wonderful (btw - we don't own crystals ... they belong to Mother Earth, and the Elemental Kingdom).


And why do I add Swarovski bling to it?  When I have dreamt of beautiful beings, like angels, they appear to me in opalescent shimmery colours.  Including the goddesses. 

I have included a directory A-Z of the crystals used in the collection, and their properties.  The three authors I love and have referenced from, are Judy Hall 'Crystal Bibles', Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian 'The Book of Stones' & Melody 'Love is the Earth'.  You can also search many website for healing properties of crystals, and mostly these also reference these same authors.


Great gift idea for kids... it may end up being their lifelong passion -:)

The pink and blue Andean Opal (from Peru) holds an incredibly pure vibration - and immense feeling of blissful joy.  I have these in my collection.

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