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What is Reiki?

The Japanese word Rei-ki is translated as “sacred or spiritual” “energy”. 


Reiki is a universal channeled energy and it works on the highest and best of the individual.  It’s a beautiful healing, balancing and harmonizing agent for the body. 


It is very easy to learn, and is a wonderful support tool to benefit physical, emotional and life issues.  My kids love Reiki, and I can see how quickly it helps them, our furry friends and our home environment. 


It is not associated with any religion, it is non-denominational. 


You may be interested in learning Reiki for your own personal benefits, and to share within your family only – or the path of a teacher.  That is up to you.


If you want to find out more, here are 2 interesting links:


Reiki - Groundbreaking Scientific Study

How Reiki Actually Works - The Science Part

About me

As a child, I had many unexplainable experiences and remember my mother talking about my great-grandmother who was the healer of her village in Croatia.  She had 'hot hands' and would heal people and animals.  I didn't grow up in an 'open minded' household, so these were just fascinating stories of my childhood.

In 2011, I had a health crisis (an ovarian cyst, the size of a golf-ball) and chose to investigate alternate options before opting for surgery.  I gave myself 2 months to try all the healthy options available before my next ultrasound.  Overnight, I became a raw vegan, only purchased organic foods and natural home/body products, and had my first Reiki session.

It was absolute bliss.  I floated out of the session, and had such clarity of mind, peaceful countenance, and overall feeling of radiance.

I immediately booked myself on Level 1 Usui Reiki, wishing to experience life like this daily.  After Level 1, my experience of life changed quickly.  I could 'feel' the energy of plants, crystals and people around me.  Animals, especially birds, responded to me differently by approaching me and entering my home.  Smells, colours, taste, feelings.... life was enriched and experiences enhanced.  And my hands were now 'hot' when the energy was flowing.

Two months later, my ultrasound result showed a reduction of 50% of the hard mass, a shock to the doctor who stated that conventional medicine would not have produced the same results.  A year later, I was cyst free.

I was hooked at feeling so good with this wonderful energy pulsing through my system, and continued learning the Reiki levels and finished Teacher level in early 2014.  Through the insistence of friends, I started teaching in 2016.

I loved my world becoming more richer, myself becoming more peaceful and compassionate, my interests shifting from materialism to a state of inner joy and freedom. My food choices shifted, and I now follow a balanced healthy joyful lifestyle.

As I travel the world, absorbing the ancient cultures and spirituality of the lands, I find the ancients had so much in common including their healing techniques, tapping into the same universal healing energy as Reiki (which is all sacred energy).

If you are drawn to Reiki, you have most probably done it before, in another time and place, called by another name.  You may have been a healer, or received a healing.  It is not a new fad, its been around for a very very long time.  

It is for healing and transforming ourselves, which in turn heals the world.  It is a way of life, a way of living connected to all that is around us.  Mind-Body-Spirit, it is how we are designed as humans, and everyone has this ability within themselves.  Everyone.  

Enjoy xxx

Reiki:  Training, Private Sessions and Volunteering

*Will be updated soon*

Upcoming Reiki Training 


Usui Reiki Level 1  (Maximum 4 students per class)


Time:  9am – 3pm

*  Dates TBA


In Reiki Level 1, you will learn the history of Reiki, chakras & energy layers, how to give a 12-step treatment to someone and how to self-treat, receive 4 attunements to Usui Reiki, and there will be several practice sessions.


Usui Reiki Level 2  (Maximum 4 students per class)


Time:  9am – 3pm

* Dates TBA


In Reiki 2, you will have 4 more attunements to Reiki, plus you will learn 3 Reiki symbols, their meanings and how to use them for increasing and strengthening your connection to the energy. 


The use of the symbols guides you to a deeper understanding of the Reiki energy and helps you in fine tuning and using the energy in the most appropriate way for yourself and others. You will be taught how to perform distant healings.  You will also do a session on each other, using the symbols.  Reiki 2 doubles the amount of energy you can hold and channel after Reiki 1. Students report an increased psychic capability, more life-force energy, happier emotions, more positive thoughts – and they can get ‘out there’ as a professional healer, if they wish to.  I will also teach you how you can use the symbols to cleanse homes (and hotel rooms!) and much more.




Classes will be small and intimate, in multiples of 2 (so you can practice on each other).  I am happy to have a class of 2 or 4.  We then have more time to practice, discuss and for you to receive the Reiki Attunements (I will send you information about preparing for them in advance – it is optional, but helps you to feel the subtle energies).  I am also happy to give you a complimentary 1 hour reiki session before or after the class, my treat (or if you would like it earlier, to ‘feel’ what it’s all about.  Level 1 students only).  The training hours are during school days and support dropoff/pickup times.



Our home at Sentosa Cove, Singapore!  Lunch and snacks will be provided.  Free parking.



For 2 days, all vegetarian meals, certificates and handouts and complimentary 1 hour session (Level 1 only) - Singapore $450


If you would like to join, please let me know your preferred dates.  If you have friends that you would like to join with you, or know anyone that may be interested - let them know!  Thank you!!!!


I am very very grateful to share this amazing gift.  

Reiki Private Healing Sessions

Private sessions are Singapore $100/hour, which can be held at your home, or at a healing centre (+$25 for room rental).

Reiki Volunteering

Reiki Volunteers have been visiting The Red Cross Home for the Disabled in Singapore for over 14 years now, offering Reiki to the residents.  This is a rewarding experience, and we have wonderful feedback from the staff that our efforts do provide positive results.  We attend fortnightly, for 1 1/2 hours.  I am the coordinator for our volunteer group.  If you would like to attend and have completed Reiki Level 2 training, please contact me.



Contact Me!

Contact me if you would like to book for training, find out more about Reiki, find out how to join the volunteer group or wish for a private session.

In gratitude and Reiki Blessings,


Love Jane xxx

Thank you! Message received.

Feedback .... thank you!

Thank you Jane for an amazing experience the past couple of days. I feel excited and blessed to have found this path. I am finding myself smiling more and more at peace. Long may it last 😊

Please sign me up for Reiki level 2. 

Thank you for hosting us in your home and for the wonderful food and recipes.

M - Singapore


Thank YOU Jane!!!! What a gorgeous experience. So lovely to meet everyone on this journey 💚 Looking fwd to practicing to get into the flow xxx

S - Singapore


I’m feeling super good and blessed to be part of this group. One way or the other I always enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them better, it makes the world a lot smaller, more beautiful and more joyful.

Jane, you are such a kind, positive and well-read person, I feel blessed to have you as my reiki teacher and mentor.  

Been hanging on your lips these last 2 days and would like to keep listening to all your stories for the next weeks to come :-)

I’m in this all LOVE state and been reading up on everything, also checking out your website (which is amazing!) 

So much work and delicacy you put into it... Also absolutely love the bracelets, can’t seem to choose the right one for me lol

M - Singapore


Hi Jane, I am so happy from the bottom of my heart/toes/everywhere to have completed the level 1 reiki training.  I have clearly been waiting all those years for you to be my teacher.  You are extraordinary, thank you SO MUCH.

T - Singapore


Thank you very much, Jane!

I had beautiful self reiki and reiki sessions with my kids and my hubby!

It´s amazing! Thank you!

It was such a pleasure having this experience with all of you! I enjoyed and took a lot out of it!

K - Singapore


Hi Jane,

Thanks so much for a great course. I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the practice over the next few weeks. 

My daughter was super nervous about the athletics carnival today and was really jumpy when I put her to bed so I gave her some reiki... she fell asleep half way through and slept really well. Was nice to have such a practical way to calm her nerves that wasn't just words of advice.

A - Singapore


Hi Jane

Apologies for delay! Been hectic since I left our beautiful 2 days! Take me back!!! Xxx

Thank you again for an Amazing & enlightening 2 days.

Really appreciate your time & kindness.

L - Singapore


Hi Jane!

Thank you so much for the wonderful two days I spent at your home. I very much enjoyed the course and learnt so much!

S - Singapore


Thanks so much Jane. I have been feeling wonderful since the course.

R - Singapore


Love you Jane! What a special experience learning from you xxx 

Just went home and a whole Self Hypnosis script came out with reike through my finger tips 

Like I didn't write it 

But I did 

It is for self love / acceptance using the elements / earth as supporting metaphors 

 Lots of love to you 💛

N - Singapore


HI Jane

Thank you again for introducing me to the world of reiki and learnings. 

Reiki is, to me, the most amazing feedback loop going. What you give and what you get are one and the same. Connection, integration, alignment... all the things we are all craving most right now in our world.

I LOVE it and want to delve deeper into it.

Love B - Singapore


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